Osprey Circles High

Osprey with Catch

Osprey Circles High

As I paddle downstream, a raptor tracks my progress from a tall sycamore. Taking flight as I approach, its wings lifting with broad strokes, it catches a thermal that takes it higher and higher, gliding as it watches. Taking sight on movement in the water, it starts an aerial dive, striking its prey just below the surface. The great bird flies away in a ballet of wings and fins as I continue to paddle, thankful for the beauty of nature.

osprey circles high
hitting water in steep dive
fish struggles in vain

Frank Tassone’s Hawk Challenge
Image: Osprey with catch, over the Osage River, Missouri



I submitted the five poems here to Pure Haiku for Freya’s latest theme, Monster. The fourth and fifth haiku were featured at Pure Haiku on November 15th and December 8th.


pure evil takes aim
bullets rain from high above
festive music ends

abusive control
through unwanted advances
predatory sex

fanatic motivation
innocent lives lost

calm within the eye
return of destructive winds
killer hurricane

demon on the prowl
unguarded moment of sleep
troubling dream begins


Questions for a Silhouette – #writephoto

Questions for a Silhouette

Questions for a Silhouette

Do the answers to life’s
imperceptible fade
lie in your eyes?

Tell me, if you know.
On the edge of this coming
darkness, will we be reunited?

I know the night is
unending, but their presence
would be a comfort.

And those left behind
in the light, will I see them
in their darkness?

Do you know?

This is my response to Thursday Photo Prompt – Crow #writephoto, by Sue Vincent at Daily Echo, with her photo.

Let Freedom Ring

Let Freedom Ring

Let Freedom Ring

The groundswell of a movement reached new heights when a man of the people stood up. Marched. Spoke. His end was delivered by the injustice that spurred the movement, but the struggle for equality did not die with him. The words of Martin Luther King continue to inspire those who speak out against social injustice and work to right the wrongs of inequality.

one man shares a dream
a call to let freedom ring
equal rights for all

Frank Tassone’s Freedom Challenge
Image source: Wikimedia Commons