Life’s Lessons

Life's Lessons

I’ve often seen my life
as a river,
the islands of my past,
present and future
bridged one to another.

Some of those past are obscured
by the mist that comes with time,
but the lessons learned survive,
taking me from one island to the next,
as I watch for those that lie ahead.


Yesterday’s poem, Abandoned Crossing, followed the NaPoWriMo prompt for the day, Bridges.
When I finished that poem, I took the idea in another direction, with this result.



3 thoughts on “Life’s Lessons

  1. I love the peaceful tone of this….I can see it in my mind….drifting along….making connections to the scenery of your life 🙂 I have never thought of life like this, but I like it. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I am very happy to meet you! Blessitude ❤

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    • Thank you.
      The seeds for this analogy were planted nearly thirty-five years ago, when I started scuba diving in the Niagara River. Even in times of limited visibility, with the potential for encounters with obstacles along the bottom, I never felt at the mercy of the current. Of course, improved visibility also meant a greater sense of calm, but on those river drifts I always felt a direct connection with my surroundings. When I started writing poetry my thoughts often turned to the river.


      • I love your response, and it explains so much. I believe we plant seeds continually, and those seeds grow into our psyche. It does not surprise me that your soul would express itself through poetry and that your thoughts would go back to the river times 🙂 I think we all have a special place that feels “right.” Blessings

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