Appreciating the Big Muddy

Appreciating the Big Muddy

“Do you think that river’s pretty?”
With that, I looked up from my camera
to see a woman in her eighties.

No question in her voice, regarding
her own answer to the question,
as we looked out on the Missouri.

From our vantage point,
on a bluff above the muddy river,
I did not hesitate to answer, “No.”

Spoiled by the Finger Lakes
the Great Lakes and the mighty Niagara,
to me, waters must appear blue, at least at times.

For her, it was the rivers of the Northwest.
“I always wanted to go back there,
until, finally, I realized I’m an old lady.”

No bitterness for her, in that statement,
as she went on to praise the beauty
of the lush green landscape before us.

I told her, “You should see the river
from water level, while kayaking.”
With that, she laughed.

The Big Muddy does have a beauty,
when seen from its banks,
or while sitting on the water.

That lush green landscape rushing past
lends its beauty to the river, complimenting
the beauty of the power the river possesses.




2 thoughts on “Appreciating the Big Muddy

  1. Love this. It reminds me of a kayak trip I took with my son on the north branch of the Chicago River (in the city). Yes, with the green surrounding, it feels so different than it looks from above. And you would never guess you were in the city. But then we passed under bridges, with grafitti and homeless people camping out — a true sociological experience. Thanks for bringing it all back.

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