Day Two of the Three Days, Three Quotes Challenge

I’ve been nominated by Elusive Trope for the Three Days, Three Quotes Challenge. I want to thank Doug for nominating me for this challenge. He offers interesting insights, and I respect the chops he shows in his poems.

The Rules of the Challenge are fairly simple: (1) Thank the person who nominated you; (2) Select one quote per day for the next three days and write a little something on it; and (3) nominate three other bloggers for each day of the challenge.

However… rather than nominating other bloggers, I will point you to the blogs of other poets (surprise!) that I follow. Their names will be at the end of this blog. I haven’t been posting poetry here at WordPress for very long, but I think that if you’re reading my poetry, you probably know about these other poets. In any case, check them out. You won’t be disappointed.

Consult not your fears, but your hopes and dreams. Think not about your frustrations, but about your unfulfilled potential. Concern yourself not with what you have tried to do and failed, but with what is still possible for you to do. To live is to change.”

Pope John XXIII

Since I came upon this minor variation of this quote, it has stayed with me. I think it’s the final sentence, “To live is to change,” which I’ve not seen elsewhere, that makes the difference for me. I had always taken the quote as a reminder to not be held back by self-imposed limitations, and to look forward with an eye on the possibilities that lay before me.

Over time, I’ve come to regard it as a message to all of Mankind, that can be applied to concerns that certainly have compounded since the passing of Pope John XXIII: the environment, warfare, exclusion due to race, religion or orientation and, more recently, the violence that has been spawned by extremist ideology. Fears of safety are understandable, especially in an immediate sense, but it is unacceptable to allay those fears in such a broad manner as to classify people by nationality or religion, thus denying them protection in their flight from that same fear.

To live is to change, and Mankind can only move forward in a manner that is inclusive, not exclusive.

And now for Step #3 of Day #2… Three poets that I follow:

POEMS & POÈMES (Frédéric G. Martin) – French, English, it’s all beautiful
Peace, love and patchouli (Kim) – her morning missives are worth waking up to
Gathering Stones Strung on Threads (Peter Notehelfer) – his daily take on quotes is astounding


3 thoughts on “Day Two of the Three Days, Three Quotes Challenge

  1. At his is a new one for me, thank you for sharing it, the potential for change by moving through fear is something I truly believe in, and thanks for the shoutout too, says bowing gracefully and sending love and joy gratefully 😊 K

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