Populus Fragmentus

Populus Fragmentus

Fragmenty are we
In the thoughts that we see
No idea is done
With a fragment of one

Think of thoughts as a train
Coupled there in our brain
All tidy and neat
As if ordered, complete

We string them along
Till we finish the song
With the common refrain
“Let’s rethink that again”

The coupling is hard
Scattered in that rail yard
Fragments pell-mell
As any poet knows well

If a poet’s a sage
Once his words reach the page
He truly is hexed
As he’s on to the next


In a comment exchange on his blog Ideating About Ideating, Elusive Trope gave me the word “fragmenty,” so I blame him for this poem.  😉

Image: Classic train cars on a siding behind Union Station, Kansas City, Missouri


4 thoughts on “Populus Fragmentus

  1. I shall take full responsibility in my mind as singular fragmenty memory. How it shall bounce around my prison house of language I cannot give any specifics.

    Great poem riffing of “train of thought”. Nails the notions discussed.

    My train, (un)fortunately, jumped the rail sometime ago and never made it to rail yard.

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