Final Farewell

Final Farewell

Life story
Broad terms
Final farewell

Personal accounts
Aware that all of life
Is a farewell
Each moment
As important as the next

Until that
Final farewell

For Cioci Mary



8 thoughts on “Final Farewell

    • Thank you. Several years ago, I spent an afternoon with a friend in his final days and heard heartfelt stories from visiting family members. That visit left such an impression on me that I wrote something for him, comparing life to a tapestry, with the lives and tales of all our family and friends woven through each of our lives. Most times, our farewells are belated, after they are gone. With that in mind, each time I make a point of listening and observing, learning even more about someone I truly miss.


      • Hard to live life so fully that you don’t have any regrets. The number of close family who have gone without me being around for their final years distresses me, but that’s what happens when you move away. You’re right to spend as much time as you can with the people you love, just listening and learning about them.

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