Time to Consider


this vault that holds us captive,
in the moment that is

our vantage that instructs
the Future
with lessons from
the Past

The Past,
secure from our tampering,
save for revisionist history
obvious to common sense
and any discerning eye

The Future,
when immediately accessible,
still no more clear
than the poorest recording of
the Past

Now is the time
we best walk gently,
on any path we choose,
mindful that we are not alone,
subject to the view of Time
held by others


After reading the responses of other poets to weekly prompts from The Secret Keeper, I decided to give it a try, myself.  The word prompts for The Secret Keepers Weekly Word Prompt #22 are sense, secure, walk, time and alone.  Free verse is still my default.  I hope to see more variety as I become more comfortable with other forms.


One thought on “Time to Consider

  1. Your poem and storytelling was very very good and quite inventive. Extremely impressive. Free verse is not seen appear as often as you would expect so it is a great surprise. If you decide to participate again, feel the freedom to go in any direction you choose. What you did with this free verse in exceptional. I love the philosophy of time being used when creating a poem. It is a favorite. Yours was on top of its form. – jk

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