Thank You, WordPress

Having decided, last July, to actually follow the poets I had been “following” on WordPress during the previous year, I’m pleased with the outcome. The reward has been in reading some excellent poetry, as well the interaction I’ve had with some of those poets. Added to that is the occasional inspiration, from both poets and various challenges or prompts, and I’m one happy camper. (Make that blogger, although I still stumble over that title.)

All of this started when I decided to participate in NaPoWriMo. Writing a poem a day, twice, was a challenge, but the greater challenge ended up being the dedication to continue writing on a somewhat consistent level, even if not daily. Deciding to be more faithful to those poets I follow, making a point to check in daily, was the deciding factor.

I’ve traveled back to Buffalo three times in the last two months. The first two trips including short stays that allowed me to check in each morning. The last trip was different, involving just two days driving there and two days driving home, so, other than posting poems I wrote along the way (Ain’t technology grand? Recording a poem on a phone while driving – whoda thunk?), I wasn’t online very much. I didn’t really sweat the absence, knowing I could catch up, but the past couple of days have seen a slight increase in anxiety, which won’t be relieved until I’m actually up to date. That is not something I anticipated.

So, thank you to the poets I follow here on WordPress, for your inspiration, and for giving me something to look forward to.

9 thoughts on “Thank You, WordPress

  1. “…but the past couple of days have seen a slight increase in anxiety, which won’t be relieved until I’m actually up to date.” I was actually contemplating last night whether to write and put a post called “WordPress Stress,” dealing with the anxiety of trying to keep up with all the posts of the writers and photographers I follow. It never seems like I ever am up to date nor does it look like I ever will be. It is like infamous cartoon of a person sitting at his or her desk, the inbox stack four feet high and growing while the outbox has just a few pieces of paper in it. Just something I have to deal with I suppose, because for the reasons you stated “I’m one happy camper”

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