Doing What We Can

Doing What We Can

Of course you would not spam me,
though you may slam me
should our opinions be
so wide apart

I’ll try to remember it’s all a part of
this ongoing exchange of words
After all, I may even change
my words

after giving them further thought,
your words and mine
not having been
for naught


On my WordPress Dashboard, in the past I’ve been told that Akismet has protected my site from “x” number of spam comments, but I have never been able to see any of them. Today, I happened to see that notification with further details, saying that I have three comments in my spam queue, with a link. What a nice surprise, since one of those comments actually was legitimate. Of course, I removed it from spam, and then approved it, but I wonder how many legitimate comments have been determined to be spam and then ultimately deleted without my knowledge. I’ll have to make a note of checking this feature on my Dashboard more often.

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