A Picture’s True Worth

This is my second post for Day Two of NaPoWriMo.  Today’s prompt from napowrimo.net is to write a poem that takes the form of a family portrait.  For many years in my former home, there was a long hallway with framed photos of family members and ancestors, some from the eighteen hundreds.  I wrote this poem twenty-three years ago to hang on the wall with those photos.

A Picture’s True Worth

A thousand times you’ll glance this way
A thousand words you’ll have to say
For every moment captured here
Faces, memories held so dear

Ancestors held in high esteem
Displayed beside children who seem
To grow before our very eyes
A cherished group, one may surmise

But will a thousand words suffice
For if you try to be concise
You won’t be able to impart
That its true worth lies in your heart



8 thoughts on “A Picture’s True Worth

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  2. That wall of photos must be a wonderful thing to have seen, especially with photos going back to the 19th century. I can imagine wondering about all those people, and finding it very strange to see as a child.
    You did a good job with the prompt. 🙂

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