Just One of Those Pictures

Just One of Those Pictures

familiar faces. . .
. . .treasured moments
separate from
all our other memories
by their ability to
live forever in our hearts

This is my third post for Day Two of NaPoWriMo.  Earlier, I posted A Picture’s True Worth, a poem I wrote twenty-three years ago to place on the wall beside numerous framed photos of family and ancestors.  This poem is the predecessor to A Pictures True Worth, and it was kept on the wall for a month before being replaced.  Apparently, I needed that time to fully flush out the idea.
Veronica, at Hosking’s Blog, asked about the picture I had in mind when I wrote A Picture’s True Worth.  There were so many back then, but the photo here always comes to mind.  It’s the only one I have of my grandmother (at her wedding , in the early 1920s).  She died in 1947, when my father was thirteen, so, of course, I never met her.



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