Left Turn Ahead

Left Turn Ahead


Sure, TomTom say to make a left
But if we did we’d be bereft
Of any chance of getting there
There’s NO LEFT TURN on Village Square

With Google Maps on my cellphone
I wonder now – do they use drones
To plot the course that we should take
At least they’re quick to fix mistakes

My copilot has none of this
With her along, I’ll never miss
A stop or turn, come day or night
Her map unfolds to set us right

Day Five (Take Two) of NaPoWriMo 2016.
This morning, through Kerfe at Method Two Madness, I learned that April 5th is National Read a Road Map Day, and I just couldn’t help myself.



6 thoughts on “Left Turn Ahead

  1. Wonderful! Of course I never ask Google Maps for suggestions of how to get any place…I figure it out from the map myself (I don’t drive so this is all public transport and walking). They absolutely have no idea how to use their maps. Or how to navigate the NYC subway for that matter.
    Your words also bring back great memories of car trips as a child…all those maps in the glove compartment.


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