layers woven

drums under
out front
never outside

drawing the line
crossing it
like magic

tenor sax
front, back, sideman
sonic segue


framing each other
even when loose
complete package

Day Twenty of 2016 NaPoWriMo.
Last weekend, we say a performance by The Bad Plus Joshua Redman in a small jazz club.  After playing a few times with Joshua Redman, starting in 2011, The Bad Plus asked him to join them in a collaboration, with their first CD being released in 2015.  While much of the trio’s music is avant-garde, the majority of the CD is comprised of balanced compositions, and Joshua Redman’s skill and experience working with various musicians in the past make him a perfect addition.
Each member stood out in his own right, but all wove themselves into a tight, cohesive unit, even on the looser numbers.  There were times when a piano or bass solo eased into the sax so smoothly that it caught me unawares.
It was great to see people nodding, with eyes closed, just feeling the groove as it washed over them.  Not for me, though.  Just twenty feet from the piano, I kept my eyes on Ethan Iverson’s fingers on the keyboard, when I wasn’t watching the rest of the quartet play.   It became obvious that Joshua Redman has immersed himself in this collaboration.  There was an intensity, even as he watched and listened to his bandmates play, closing his eyes at times, nodding and even letting out an emphatic “Yeah!” during piano and drum solos, before easing his sax in like it had always been there.  It was a great show.

Image source: kplu.org



2 thoughts on “Quartet

    • Thank you. I bought the tickets for a birthday present last August. It happened to be the second last show of a season-long jazz series, so we had to wait almost eight months for the show. It was well worth the wait. I had started a note on my phone, so I could have a playlist. I found myself writing a large part of this poem while the bass player spoke to introduce the next number.

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