CANCER is the most recent theme (now closed) at pure haiku. I submitted three haiku, one which was about the constellation Cancer, and two that could be read as being about either the disease or a crab (I was thinking of a hermit crab in a shell). I will post all three in a blog later, but here is the haiku that was chosen. Thank you to Freya for the selection.


never really small
hiding within the shadows
ravenous with claws
Ken Gierke 2016

This is Ken’s first appearance here at Pure Haiku. The says of himself “the ability to write poetry may not be genetic, but I never write unless I’m wearing jeans.” You can find out more about Ken at Ken Gierke

I chose this haiku because however small the cancer is (my tumour was “only” 2.5 cm in length) its presence has a profound effect on your entire being…

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7 thoughts on “5-3

    • Thank you.
      The closest I’ve come is to have a couple of squamous cell carcinomas removed over the years. A good friend recently survived leukemia with a bone marrow transplant as her options were running out, and I was thinking of her.

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