Mack Truck Blues

Mack Truck Blues

Put me out to pasture where, at least, my wheels can spin
To let me sit and rust would be tantamount to sin
Don’t leave me, abandoned, an empty husk to rust
Let me be of some good use before I turn to dust

Please don’t turn your back on me, you couldn’t be so cold
If you look I’m sure you’ll see the value that I hold
Don’t insist that vines or moss grow on this rolling stone
If they do I’m sure to spend my dying days alone

The prompt for today from The Daily Post on WordPress is “abandoned.”


3 thoughts on “Mack Truck Blues

    • This truck sits amidst a thicket, 100 yards from any road or building, and has the faded logo of a marina on its door. It still has the fifth wheel on its frame, so I would guess it never saw any farm work, and that it was just placed at the edge of a field, forgotten and eventually out of sight. I did some research when I took these photos five years ago, and I think it dates to around 1949.

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