Tender Hearts

Depth, Clarity

I pride myself in the choices I make

He says without considering some of
his more questionable decisions

But there is one choice that
does not concern pride

Something close to the truth,
since he says this with obvious bias

Leaving my old life behind is
a decision I never will regret

An exception for him, considering
he is slow to consider change

When our tender hearts embraced,
I knew our love was strong

He will never question this decision

Keep me forever by your side
I will keep you forever in my heart

His conviction can not be denied


The five word prompts for The Secret Keeper’s Weekly Writing Prompt #40 are pride, keep, close, slow and tender

Secret Keeper Prompt


14 thoughts on “Tender Hearts

  1. I enjoyed the back-and-forth, or dialogue, or whatever we can call it. Gives a strong tension to the themes expressed, the themes tangled up together, honesty, commitment, fear, disguise, doubt, revelation, attraction, decision, love, concern, outward communication, inward thought….

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