He is a young man
As he regards his newborn son
       lying just beyond the glass,
He is struck by the realization
       of the responsibility he now faces
As a father

No longer a newborn,
He is now a young man
Through his experience as a parent
       he is gaining a new understanding
Of his father

No longer a young man,
       he lies recovering
       from yet more surgery
The young man is struck by the realization
       of the responsibility he now faces
As a son

On the eve of Father’s Day,
He comes to realize that it takes
       more than a holiday to make a father
Just as that father may be loved
       on more than just that day

I wrote this for my father in 1993.  The video has the story behind the poem, as well as a reading.

22 thoughts on “Father/Son

  1. Very moving, Ken. Thanks for sharing. We do see our parents differently as we get older.
    My dad had a heart attack, but recovered. Then he got lymphoma and eventually died from organ failure and other complications. He was only in his 70s. I still miss him.

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  2. That touched my heart. I lost my mother on mothers day after a five and a half months stay in icu…she was 66. It’s only been 4 years. Hearing the story of your father and seeing your emotion brings back a flood of memories. Your poem was beautiful. I’ve yet to write about my mom’s death because the pain is still to sharp. Thank you beyond words for sharing!

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  3. I just now was able to watch the video. Ken, this is amazing and the words and feelings and seeing your face make it just so very real, even the birds in the background, a moment in a life, a beautiful gift of verse, and thank you for the experience. I am blessed to have you in my world. K

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    • 🙂 Thank you, Kim.
      I don’t vlog anywhere near the rate that I used to. Often, it was as much for my own benefit as it was to share… a way to sort out my thoughts. These days, I make a monthly video while kayaking to share with a few friends on a vlogging site and post it on Facebook for family and those friends who have wandered away from the whole vlogging scene. My Vimeo page is primarily for poetry videos, another thing I do far less often these days.

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