Mid-week to Mid-week, and Beyond

Busy to busy. I’ve been painting the last few days, with just enough time to post poetry I’ve been composing while working, but no time to read poetry. I still have another door to install before Wednesday, when we’ll have a full house. My daughter, son, son and grand-daughter will be here from NY/Ohio, from then until Sunday, so I’ll have a week-and a-half of catching up to do here at WP, come next Sunday.

As much as I dislike painting, I’ve learned I can compose poetry while doing it, so it’s not a total write-off!


13 thoughts on “Mid-week to Mid-week, and Beyond

  1. Keep an mp3 recorder or note pad handy while painting when you find inspiration. That way you’re not racking your brain to remember your thoughts 🙂

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