Last Meal

Last Meal

Last Meal

Trixie’s reason for spurning Sir Ian McKellan was simple. They were never meant to be together. She knew he had taken it hard, but this was a little extreme. There he was, flying directly at her in a Sopwith Camel, his machine gun tearing into her zeppelin as she struggled to maintain control.

The blast that followed left her momentarily unconscious, but she recovered and headed into the passengers’ cabin. With whiskers as guidance, Trixie made her way through the smoke-filled gondola of the zeppelin, heading for the galley. If she was going down with the ship, there was no way she would allow all those tins of her favorite food to go to waste.

The blast and inferno overhead had sent the gondola spiraling down, making the trip from the pilothouse to the galley arduous. She padded her way over and around passengers lying prone on the deck. The smoke that stung her eyes, blinding her even to the pockets of flame that grew as she advanced to the stern, made her brilliant white coat of fur nearly invisible. Several times, she found herself on the walls, ceiling, then once again on the floor, as she was hurled about while her flying coffin rolled and pitched in its downward flight.

After what seemed a lifetime – and most probably was for a cat with so few to spare – she reached the galley. The doors stood wide open to the nearly total devastation that greeted her. She brushed against charred cabinets as she frantically searched, and soot rained down on her, consuming her beautiful white coat in blackness. Now that she was black, her only regret was that she would not survive to cross the path of Sir Ian McKellan in retribution.

And then, there they were – tins of her favorite food, blasted open by the heat. As the gondola crashed to the ground, she was content with ending the last of her nine lives having a feast as her last meal.

In her blog Nightmare trip, Jane Dougherty talks about her son’s vivid dream, in which a zeppelin piloted by her cat, Trixie (that’s Trixie in the photo), is shot down by Sir Ian McKellan.  This is the rest of the story.

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