On May 3rd, Pure Haiku selected one of three haiku I had submitted for the theme “Cancer.” All three poems are shown below. The first and third could be interpreted as being about either the disease or a crab (I was thinking off a hermit crab inside a shell), while the second is about the constellation Cancer. The first haiku is the one that appeared at Pure Haiku.



never really small
hiding within the shadows
ravenous with claws

pale beside Leo
dimmed by might of Heracles
shadowed by the twins

hidden in the dark
consuming all from within
clawed and dangerous

Image source: Wikipedia


14 thoughts on “Cancer

  1. As a cancer survivor and my sign is cancer, found it all lovely my friend. We have little blue tiny ones down here in the mangroves, too small for my camera to collect but they move quite fast 🙂 excellent haiku Ken 🙂

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