drinking in the rain


Past tense
One locked, yet changing
with each recollection
The Other merely
a projection of
Now, refined
Both tempt me to treasure
the imagined

Each considered,
creates a vast store of
experience that
escapes me
eludes my grasp
though clear it may seem

But it is Now that
I can hold and observe
The one thing in which I can partake
Now, my time with you, is
the one thing I always treasure

The five word prompts for The Secret Keeper’s Weekly Writing Prompt #48, are tempt, treasure, tense, vast and lock.
As sometimes happens, I finished a poem (pleased with the result) only to realize I was short two of the prompt words (vast and lock). I decided to expand it using those words, thinking I would include the original in my post. As sometimes happens, I looked at the original one day later and decided I was absolutely unhappy with that draft, so I reworked it, completely. The original will stay in my draft folder.

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6 thoughts on “Now

  1. And as such is the most important step to the finished article – really liked this. Trying to grasp the idea and sense of something just beyond our grasp that is continually changing and adding depth. A bit like those kalidoscopes we had as children. Liked the picture too, thought it was a spiral staircase at first. Which added another layer..

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