Tan Renga for Jane Reichhold

Jane Reichhold has published many books about haiku, including collections of her own poetry and books on style. Over the years, she has been a good friend of Chèvrefeuille, giving him inspiration as well as helping to co-host his blog, Carpe Diem Haiku Kai.
Chèvrefeuille recently informed us of Jane’s death at the end of July, and he has been featuring her for the past week on Carpe Diem. On Friday, he gave us five of Jane’s haiku – one for each of the seasons and another for New Years. Since there is no Tan Renga at Carpe Diem this week, I have decided to incorporate those five haiku into renga – her hokku with my lines added to create five tanka.


Tan Renga for Jane Reichhold__1bNew Year’s snow
a radiance in dark pines
white full moon
                              © Jane Reichhold

while snow glistens in moonlight
shadows share in the brilliance

Tan Renga for Jane Reichhold__2athe night is shortened
by your letters on the pillow
here beside me
© Jane Reichhold

dreaming of a warm embrace
your presence awakens smiles


Tan Renga for Jane Reichhold__3I come to you clothed
only in the dampness of fog
and our dancing
                              © Jane Reichhold

weaving about in the mist
clarity comes with each step


Tan Renga for Jane Reichhold__4autumn’s summer heat
on a white paper you drew
a smiling sun
© Jane Reichhold

radiant warmth in each ray
lazy clouds drifting away


Tan Renga for Jane Reichhold__5home again
raking in the Zen garden
the oldest pattern
                              © Jane Reichhold

curving with new fallen snow
winding lines bring simple joy


Image source, in order of appearance:
                                                                      © Urs Hildebrand via DailyMail
                                                                      © Damien Douxchamps


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