Your Starlight

Jane Dougherty’s Poetry Challenge #46: Meter is simple enough – just use meter to write a poem inspired by the photo she offers and the theme night, stars and water. Well, meter is a challenge for me, but here it is, albeit a bit corny.

Your Starlight
Your Starlight

The night in waves across the sky
Reflects there in your soulful eyes
Like pools of light, the faintest stars
All gathered there from off afar

The water, smooth, would share the light
That reaches us this starlit night
But with the starlight held within
Eyes such as yours it cannot win

But I do win, for when I see
The light your eyes hold there for me
I smile and thank my lucky stars
That by my side is where you are

Image source: © Jess Mann via Wikipedia


17 thoughts on “Your Starlight

    • The vast majority of my (hundreds of) love poems are free verse. I don’t think of this poem as contrived (well, okay, maybe the third verse), but when I use rhyme and meter rather than free verse for one, sometimes I do see it that way.

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