tired of sleeping in the living room

tired of sleeping in the living room

tired of sleeping in the living room

not watching paint dry
not even smelling it dry
door closed
windows open
ceiling fan on
two coats of primer
deep purple finally covered
two coats of blue to cut the edges
twelve hours in two days
roll on the blue tomorrow
tired of sleeping in the living room


After nearly three years in this house, I finally got around to painting the bedroom. Final coat tomorrow. Now I can finish installing the last of the oak doors. (Yes, the walls were a deep purple.)

9 thoughts on “tired of sleeping in the living room

  1. Ah, memories of decor. The cottage looked like the fallout of failed Changing Rooms (TV programme)
    lounge green, dining room blood red, bathrrom peacock blue, bed 1 terracotta, bed 2 purple, bed 3 sunshine yellow. By the time we left, no wallpaper, and walls had been painted either white or magnolia!

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  2. Good luck with the painting. I hope you get to enjoy your finished bedroom soon.
    Perhaps the former owner was a Prince fan.
    All of our walls are painted bright colors–no purple though. All the bedrooms are different shades of bright blue. When we moved in here, every room had ugly carpeting–even the kitchen. We ripped it all out. Our bedroom was painty ugly pink with carpet that was pink and white cotton candy like. There were dark drapes and dark fake paneling in the dining room that we got rid of. I’m sure someone will think everything we’ve done is awful, too. 🙂

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  3. Perhaps they were good heavy rock fans! Ohh the joys. January no heat and over painting bottle green ceilings in my son’s house, scrubbing terracotta hall tiles and applying industrial strength bleach and degreaser on cupboard tops…whilst he was on an oil rig…Mind you cheaper than the gym…

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