pushing leaf aside

pushing leaf aside.jpg

pushing leaf aside
salamander runs through stones

creek flows gently by

Carpe Diem #1057 creek (Jane Reichhold’s Legacy)

Image source: caudata.org


8 thoughts on “pushing leaf aside

      • I feel the same way about water. Love to swim, boating, wading, and just being near it. The salamander is a mysterious creature, I think, and the combination of the two in your poem created such a strong picture for me.

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      • I remember finding salamanders in streams when camping with my parents. Crayfish? We would catch enough to eat. But salamanders, they were just so cool. Those fidgety little critters would freeze in an instant, then dash away – very elusive. And if we were lucky enough to catch one, we always released it before returning to the campsite.


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