Voices Can Return

Voices Can Return

but not without a trace
you live on in
photographs, possessions
gatherings, pastimes

they stir memories that
insist you are still here
I sense your presence
approving, reminding

but what of your voice
that pitch
that inflection
I hear it, still
yet wonder at that memory

I watch flickering images
fifties’, sixties’ movies
smile at your youth
my innocence
yet find no answers
where all sounds are silenced

but then
one trove not mined in years
memories stored magnetically
stowed in obsolescence
translated with
a component now archaic

you smile, shrug
raise an eyebrow
and speak

my memory may take
twisted paths
but this time it’s confirmed

The five word prompts for The Secret Keeper’s Weekly Writing Prompt #59 are gone, sense, trace, voice and path.

Secret Keeper Prompt


5 thoughts on “Voices Can Return

  1. This was really lovely, spacious – a real change from your Haiku as well – and more time to take in what was happening.
    Although I do remember being very puzzled when showing my daughter how to use a turntable for an LP and wondering why only 6 songs had played …I had forgotten the LP needed to be turned over…oh dear…

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