Damn the Consequences

Damn the Consequences.jpg

Damn the Consequences

Loud, the debate in the recent study of
American politics

Sad, the outcome in a system that has become
little more than a game

Change for the sake of change, regardless of consequences,
the unwritten herald for a new day

Dissatisfaction and dissent the likely reaction to policies and changes,
regardless of true desires, regardless of outcome

The five word prompts for The Secret Keepers Weekly Writing Challenge #63 are game, study, sad, loud and become.

Secret Keeper Prompt

6 thoughts on “Damn the Consequences


    From simple language much may be inferred;
    America’s lust for pleasure and commotion
    Like Britain’s anal culture, I’ve a notion,
    Reveals itself within the very word
    Used when our nations’ rulers have concurred.
    Whilst here the House is said to “pass a motion”
    The other side of the Atlantic Ocean
    “An act of congress” is the term preferred.
    But though such speculation may be fun
    The world goes on as it has always done;
    It’s true: “A rose by any other name
    Would smell as sweet” and so we must conclude
    That whether we get shat on or get screwed
    The end result is pretty much the same.

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  2. It is worrying that the new word in the OED is post-truth. The reliance on emotions to guide rather than objective thought about facts -as far as we can ascertain. It all sounds very 1984 to me. Perhaps it’s a wake up call

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