dark clouds fill the sky


dark clouds fill the sky
waves crash as tempest rages
above angry seas

clouds part, close, open once more
sun shines down as waves subside

Carpe Diem #1103 Symphony in F sharp minor, by Dora Pejačević
(Allegro appassionato, from 37:15 of the symphony)
(part of December 2016 Let the Music Inspire You)
Image source: wallpaperup.com


7 thoughts on “dark clouds fill the sky

    • Affinity for Water

      I’ve even walked on water.
      Then we cut a whole with a chain saw
      and I went scuba diving under the water
      that was over the water.
      That was something, let me tell you.

      I’d say once was enough,
      but I did it three times for my certification.
      I like my water warmer than 32°F.
      Actually, warmer than 55°F.
      Make that 70.

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