Firmly Anchored in My Memory

Firmly Anchored in My Memory

turning basin, East branch of the Niagara
Firmly Anchoreddeepest part of the river
off the tip of the island

ships would drop anchor
swing around against the current
dock against the high steel wall

steel mill long gone
ten foot wall still there, where
parkland abuts the river

suit up – wetsuit, BC, fins, tank, lift bag
hold mask and regulator tight to face
drop float and flag, step into space to drop ten feet

kick out on the surface for 100 yards
descend to the gravel bottom
unusual twenty-five foot visibility

watch for old bottles, small anchors
but there it lies, just waiting for me
tip of metal shaft, ring protruding from the gravel

Firmly Anchored_mapgrab hold, turn to face the current
pull garden claw from belt, scrape gravel
stare in awe at 300 pound anchor

tie off lift bag, inflate with regulator
ascend slowly to dive float
drift remaining mile to boat ramp

tie heavy rope from waiting van to anchor
pull my greatest find from the river
heart still pounding with excitement

The optional prompt for Day 7 of National Poetry Writing Month/Global Poetry Writing Month at NaPoWriMo 2017 is to write a poem based on luck and fortuitousness.
The anchor photo is from Unfortunately, my photos from that time (mid-1990s) were pre-digital and lost somewhere in my past. Before I moved to Missouri in 2012, I offered the anchor to a local museum that focuses on riverfront history. It was accepted, but never retrieved. The anchor still sits on a lawn in Western New York.
Image source: NOAA Nautical Chart of the Upper Niagara River

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8 thoughts on “Firmly Anchored in My Memory

    • 🙂 I have a friend who had a a classic-style ship’s anchor on his front lawn. It stood six feet tall and weighed several hundred pounds, and the agreement he had with his dive buddy was to alternate possession every two years. They had a friend with a tow truck, and he would transport it between their homes. Imagine driving down the street behind a giant anchor.

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