What’s a Little Rain?

What’s a Little Rain?

What's a Little Rain_4April festival,
water flowing
from clouds, tents

and umbrellas turned
inside out. Tiny rivers
flowing between the bricks

What's a Little Rain_3lead the way to mushrooms
and beer for
connoisseurs, micro-

breweries getting less
attention than home brewers.
Dedication to their craft

What's a Little Rain_2appreciated as much as
the true star of the day, offered
fresh, fried and souped.

A day of wet rewards: beer
savored, and flavor found in
the labyrinth of a morel.

 This is a work in progress.  I can see myself coming back. (to both poem and festival)

What's a Little Rain_1

Morel mushrooms are found only in spring, for a very short period.


17 thoughts on “What’s a Little Rain?

  1. I’ve never eaten them (they’re called morilles here) for two reasons: they are hideously expensive, and they look like brains. I’ve never eaten brains either. I like your association of mushrooms and rain. It’s perfect.

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  2. I’m not a fan of beer, but it sounds like a fun event.
    There’s a mushroom festival in Chester County, PA. every year. It’s called the mushroom capital of the world. Every year I think we’ll go, but then something comes up. Maybe this year.

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  3. Aside from the delicious images and flow (puns very much intended and savored), I have enjoyed the many imperfect and half-rhymes hidden in these lines. Wish I had been there to spend money and eat and drink.

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