On the Edge

On the Edge

On the Edge

From the potential of a morning sky
and the triumph of their ascent,
they risked all to reach
the edge of exploration.

With the tragedy of their descent
in the abyss of a mourning sky,
they paid to expand our reach
beyond the edge of knowledge.

Their efforts took us one step
further along our path
ever outward, expanding
the edge of discovery.

Remember those souls
immersed in the heavens,
riding on the edge
of our vision of the stars.

Space Shuttle Columbia was lost on re-entry, February 1, 2003.
Image source: NASA

This is my response to Jane Dougherty’s A Month with Yeats: Day Nineteen (each day a new Yeats quote).

“We who still labour by the cromlech on the shore,
The grey cairn on the hill, when day sinks drowned in dew,
Being weary of the world’s empires, bow down to you,
Master of the still stars and of the flaming door.”
W.B. Yeats


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