to be coffee

to be coffee

to be coffee

your warmth

seeps over
around me


in senses

our union
a steaming vessel

National/Global Poetry Writing Month ~ Day 1
Optional prompt: write a poem based on a secret pleasure

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NaPoWriMo 2018


The Beans Speak

Brew Debate

The Bean Speaks

whispering, at first,
with aroma that builds
as they grind,
wafts from the carafe
waiting to be pressed,
and again from
the steaming cup

then, speaking softly,
the warmth of the first
tentative sip passing
across your tongue

conversing now,
with a taste that
floods your senses,
lingering, still,
long after the cup is empty

now cold, whispering again,
their aroma calls to you,
their taste still warming
your senses as
you continue your conversation


The prompt for Day 27 of National Poetry Writing Month/Global Poetry Writing Month from NaPoWriMo 2017 is to write a poem that “explores your sense of taste.”
Am I obsessed with coffee? Of course not. Okay, so it has its own Category!

NaPoWriMo 2017GloPoWriMo 2017

True Brew

True Brew

For a grind, grating on his ear,
near to cacophony as any sound
round about sunrise,
eyes open barely enough to see,
he seems not to mind,
finding satisfaction in the scene,
beans’ aroma pleasing,
teasing his palate with yet to be savored
flavor, its brew offering so much more,
for a grind, grating on his ear.

This is my response to Jane Dougherty’s Poetry challenge #7: Circular Poem
Circular poem – the first line rhymes with the first word of the following line and so on, returning back to the first line, with lines of any length

Stirring Things Up

Stirring Up Memories

Steaming coffee
thick ceramic mug
Dad slowly stirring milk
surreptitious sips
seed planted early

In my twenties
coffee at work
seldom at home
break rooms
truck stops and diners

Always black
vending machine
only in desperation
diner’s big mugs
bring thoughts of Dad

Retired Teamster now
coffee at home
French press
whole bean
fair trade, locally roasted

Savoring the flavor
and the gift it brings
memories in each sip
stir thoughts of Dad
slowly stirring


September 29th is National Coffee Day in the United States