Butterfly Effect

Butterfly Effect

A vision of Mother’s Day,
Butterfly Effect_2you, late in life,
with a child’s delight

in a room full of butterflies.
A day always special,
when you were here.

My joy for you cannot be displaced.
Its home always
will be our two days.

Butterfly Effect_1Birthdays nearly shared.
My gift to you,
arriving six hours early.

Yours to me, timeless. Delight,
as a child, carried to another day.
Mine, less significant

to me in later years,
still a reminder of a bond,
the greater portion of our lives.

Still wistful, on Mother’s Day,
always joyful,
on our two days.






I stay under your radar.

No foolin’.

No toolin’.

I watch the things that I do,
’cause I’ve been around.

No spell needed.

I’m yours.

Image source: Saturn’s hexagonal polar jet stream, NASA/JPL (edited, here)