high moments, and low

high moments and low

Niagara River at the Whirlpool in the Niagara Gorge

high moments, and low
determining direction
navigating life

The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Liquid

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echoing sunset

echoing sunset.jpg

echoing sunset
waves of grief wash my footsteps
swallowing my heart

This“fusion” haiku (senryū ) is my response to the challenge at
Carpe Diem’s Crossroads #9 Ozaki Hosai’s “on the field”,
inspired by the words in the following two haiku by Ozaki Hosai.

on the field
where evening has died out,
my footsteps

the heart
that seeks something
I release to the sea

               © Ozaki Hosai (revised by Chèvrefeuille)

Image source: unsplash.com (edited here)


surviving for years

surviving for years_1


surviving for years_2

Cedar Waxwing (Audubon illustration)

surviving for years
cedar clings to mountain face
nourishing waxwing

Carpe Diem Weekend-Meditation #29 Use That Quote
“Live your life while you have it. Life is a splendid gift. There is nothing small in it. Far the greatest things grow by God’s law out of the smallest. But to live your life, you must discipline it.”
Florence Nightingale

Audubon illustration found at wikimedia.org