ice melting from eave

ice melting from eave

ice melting from eave
dreams fade like lost memories
gone with morning sun

Senryū response to Carpe Diem #14 Weekend-meditation Revise That Haiku


falling to the ground
a flower closer to the root
bidding farewell
                    Matsuo Basho

tears flow
falling to the ground
autumn leaves

Image source: pixabay


no spring sprouts – troiku

no spring sprouts
in the herb garden
his heart attack
©Claire Vogel Camargo

no spring sprouts
plot thirsting for care

in the herb garden
attention turned elsewhere

his heart attack
complicated loss

This troiku is my response to Carpe Diem Troiku Kukai “in the herb garden”. A troiku is three haiku, with each of the three lines from a suggested haiku as the first line of each haiku in the troiku.

tasty tropics brew

Mother’s Brewing Company is a craft brewer in Springfield, Missouri.  On its Facebook page, Mother’s offered a free 4-pack to the writer of the best haiku about its new Coconut Stout.

tasty tropics brew

tasty tropics brew
coconut in the backyard
Mother’s Extra Stout

malt with coconut
something extra in this stout
from Mother’s Backyard

tropics in Springfield
coconut without a shell
Mother’s tasty brew

extra stout goes nuts
tasty coconut flavor
Mother’s new Backyard

brewing extra stout
with flavor of coconut
Backyard series win

Competition was pretty stiff, so I did not win the 4-pack of Coconut Stout.  Obviously, the direct approach was what was desired:

I need a good beer
A coconut stout will do
Hope I win this shit

(As a side note, the Backyard Series of special releases is a nod to the Backyard, an outdoor seating/recreation/festival area at Mother’s tasting room.)


Mother’s Backyard (image by Mother’s Brewing Company)




There’s no denying your exuberance.
It may have been twenty hours after the celebration,
but you did sleep in, and there you were
giving your shout-out to the world
just after rising. You may be blue
by the end of the month,
but you sure greeted
the new year with a smile.

For Jeff Schwaner’s January 1, 9:24 PM (Wolf Moon) [#fullmoonsocial]

The full moon at 8:24pm CT on January 1st was the second consecutive super moon, with a third coming on January 31st, making it a blue moon.  Photo taken 9:48pm.

framing the years

framing the years

time, the line
we cannot box, never
finding a final corner

passing on to form
the next box
and the next

a snake
with the mind of Escher
defining the vortex

the core of existence
drawn through time
expressed between that line

A response to Kerfe’s January 2018, at method two madness