Eye of the Storm #writephoto


Eye of the Storm

Eye of the StormGiven the right perspective, vision
will find a point of reference.

Offshore may mean out of sight.
It does not mean out of mind.

Landfall has no regard for shore.
Equal opportunity.

Eye of the Storm_aThere is no way out
through the eye. Relief is fleeting.

The eyewall always follows,
passing its sentence as it passes by.

Recovery is a matter of perspective,
Hope is the vision.

This poem is in response to Thursday Photo Prompt – Sight #writephoto, from Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo, with her photo.
Bottom photo: NASA


Runge Return

 I’ve spent the last two mornings walking the forest, meadow and wetland trails of a 106 acre conservation area in Missouri known as Runge Nature Center. It’s located in the capital of Missouri, adjacent to the state headquarters for the Missouri Department of Conservation, so the 2.4 miles of trails, some of them paved, are always well maintained. Runge offers some great photo opportunities, which vary with the seasons.

I returned there today, to take some follow up photos (in addition to those in yesterday’s photo blog), including one I had in mind for today’s Photo Challenge (Structure) at the Daily Post. The first photo here is the one I had in mind, but I chose another for that prompt when a Leatherwing landed on the thistle. One shot I wanted to follow up on, from yesterday’s post was of the Monarch caterpillar. I found it on the same milkweed plant as yesterday, along with a couple more that were less than half an inch long. (The larger is over two inches.) Then, I came across some wild turkeys, and as I took photos, a coyote stuck his head up out of the tall grass in the background, just long enough to leave a blurred image. Even so, it was another rewarding day with the camera.

(In the slide show, each photo offers a link to a larger image.)

Runge Walk Companions


Runge Walk - Moss Rock Trace

Moss Rock Trace / Runge Nature Center

Images: Runge Nature Center, Missouri, August 28 & 29, 2017.  In the Viewer, each image has the option for a larger size.  (Moss Rock Trace can be viewed by clicking.)








Luna’s transit seemed complete,
approaching its ultimate destination
Totality_1in the eyes of all viewing, when the last
crescent of Sol,
a mere sliver, blinked out.

Darkness briefly filled the sky,
until a radiant burst evoked
a collective gasp, the sun’s corona
sending tendrils of light
into the day-night sky.

sun and moon as one

Pulses quickened. Prepared,
yet not, for such exquisite wonder,
imagined for so long,
now realized. An eternal moment,
yet all too brief.

Venus shone with a light
seldom seen at day, while
Mercury seemed a dim reflection
beyond the sun, almost
Totality_2as if a whisper of light.

A new crescent appeared,
opposite the last,
and the moon continued
on its way, daylight returning
in an instant, while minds pondered
the nature of their existence.

Images: Total solar eclipse, August 21, 2017, Jefferson City, Missouri